“These guys took great pride in the quality of their work and it shows. They didn’t just install a furnace, they created a work of art. I would definitely hire them again.” – Ricky R.
“Chris came in an hour and 15 minutes to my place at 3:30 in the morning to a squeaking furnace with no heat. He knew immediately what the problem was, but due to the time, he could not get a part till the next morning. Went all the way to Harrisburg for the part and came right out and put the part on. Excellent work and excellent people. Would recommend them any time. I was more than satisfied!” – Kathy W.
“Great service from these two guys! First, they fixed my furnace on Christmas day, and two days later my water heater broke. I called them and they came out here on a weekend, in the snow, cold as hell, and they also found that a pipe broke, and they fixed that too. Thank you!” – Nazzel V.
Superior service and excellent workers down to the smallest detail. Thank you Performance HVAC. – Marian George B
Chris responded to a service all on 12/14/17 regarding a 1966Bryant gas furnace . He spent 2 hours taking apart and working on it until it started. The other repair man would not touch it because of its age. Chris did amazing work, he is truly the “furnace whisperer.” I believe he has friends in higher places. Great work- I have heat! I am writing this for my friend who does not have internet access. – Linda
Fast response and did a good job – Robert J M
I woke up today (Sunday) with my furnace shooting water. Within 15 minutes Chris was at my house fixing the mess. As I stayed upstairs crying, Chris assured me it would be OK. Well, it was better than OK. Chris not only fixed my furnace, he also examined and inspected other parts, trouble-shooting any unforseen problems which could have been damaged by the original problem, or any worn parts which maybe a soon problem and explained in detail (in a language I could understand) what else should be replaced as a preventative measure. Chris also gave me tips and suggestions to help me conserve oil. When he was finished, he completely cleaned up after himself but also cleaned up the mess in my basement from the shooting water. Not only that but he collected the oil and water drenched paper towels and took it all with him so my house didn’t reek of oil ( I hate that smell !! ) And to top of the speedy response, the time and efficiency of the work, Chris’ professionalism, I didn’t have to take out a mortgage to pay the bill! ! ! Needless to say, this is a phone number I will NEVER loose. I would highly recommend Performance HTC for any of you heating cooling refrigerating needs. Thank you so very much Chris. – Lori C
Explains service in detail and takes the time to do a thorough job. – Kimberly
Excellent service and great work – Dorothy T P
Excellent Service, detailed and professional – Darryl K